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About Terri Lonier

Working Solo, Inc. President Terri Lonier* is a nationally recognized authority on entrepreneurship and microbusiness. A pioneer in the solo entrepreneurial movement, she is the author of five books, hundreds of articles, and three audio programs. Her classic entrepreneurial startup guide, Working Solo, was named "the #1 choice for solo entrepreneurs" in an Inc. magazine cover story and "the free agent's bible" by Fast Company magazine.

Terri also leads a strategy consulting firm that has guided numerous Fortune 500 and high-tech companies in reaching an entrepreneurial marketplace. Her ongoing research, technology expertise, and direct experience with entrepreneurs make her a respected source for news and insights on the role of entrepreneurial thinking in the 21st century business environment. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune, Business Week, Fast Company, Inc., and other publications, as well as on CNBC-TV and radio programs worldwide. Terri is a frequent speaker at business conferences and events, and was honored as keynote speaker at the First International Conference for Women in Business in Tokyo, Japan.

In Fall 2009, Terri received her Ph.D. from New York University, where she held a five-year MacCracken Fellowship. Her doctoral research focused on entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and the history of branding and food marketing.

Terri's recent research builds on her training in art and design, and her deep experience with digital technology. She focuses on the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and design, particularly the impact of visual culture on business management and strategy.

In Fall 2010, Terri was invited to joing the faculty at Columbia College Chicago, the country's largest college for students in the visual, performing, media and communication arts. She teaches Entrepreneurship and Strategy in their Arts Management program to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Terri lives with her husband, sculptor Robert Sedestrom, in downtown Chicago.

* In case you're wondering, Terri pronounces her last name lone-yay.

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